Marin Independent Journal | June 18, 2022

Dick Spotswood: MMWD hopefuls Smith, Nelson, Khush address water supply question

“Stabilize MMWD’s primary water source, rainwater, with a portfolio of water supply interventions prioritized based on cost-benefit analysis plus political and regulatory factors.”

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Marin Independent Journal | March 12, 2022

Dick Spotswood: Delaying ballot measure puts water board incumbents in tight spot Marin IJ

“Khush, a water scientist, co-founded the Aquaya Institute, a nonprofit organization ‘dedicated to improving water and sanitation conditions for vulnerable populations in the developing world…”

“An environmentalist with a pragmatic bent…”

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Marin Independent Journal | September 4, 2022

Marin Voice: Rebuild MMWD’s vision to ensure future water supply

“The district must move past the mindset of just “treading water” to create a water resilience action plan that will inspire and support their constituents for the next 100 years and beyond.”

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