Marin Independent Journal | March 3, 2023

Marin Municipal Water District selects strategy for new water supplies

After a year of study, the Marin Municipal Water District has selected a list of new water supply options to explore in its effort to bolster availability during droughts.

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Board of Directors’ Regular Bi-Monthly Meeting February 7, 2023

Every four years, MMWD conducts a water rate study that evaluates the Districts current expenditures, future financial needs, and revenue requirements. The study, called a Cost of Service Analysis, informs any adjustments in water tariffs that are needed to balance the Districts budget and to ensure investments for the future. Please view our Feb. 7th Board meeting for good presentation of our current Cost of Service Analysis.

Marin Independent Journal | March 12, 2022

Dick Spotswood: Delaying ballot measure puts water board incumbents in tight spot Marin IJ

“Khush, a water scientist, co-founded the Aquaya Institute, a nonprofit organization ‘dedicated to improving water and sanitation conditions for vulnerable populations in the developing world…”

“An environmentalist with a pragmatic bent…”

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MMWD Board Strategic Water Supply Assessment, Feb 28, 2023

Happy to report concrete steps towards expanding MMWD’s water supply. On February 28th, all Board members voted to approve a roadmap towards a drought resiliant water supply. By 2025, we will achieve about 3,500 acre feet of new water supply by improving our reservoir operations, by better managing our imports of water from the Russian River, and by increasing our water savings.

Marin Independent Journal | January 28, 2023

No Honeymoon after Election to the Marin Municipal Water District Board!

A major priority is to reduce the District’s almost complete reliance on local rainfall, which is increasingly unpredictable.

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Marin Independent Journal | June 18, 2022

Dick Spotswood: MMWD hopefuls Smith, Nelson, Khush address water supply question

“Stabilize MMWD’s primary water source, rainwater, with a portfolio of water supply interventions prioritized based on cost-benefit analysis plus political and regulatory factors.”

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Communications & Water Efficiency Committee, Board Meeting February 15, 2023

As chair of MMWD’s Communications & Water Efficiency Committee, I look forward to working with staff and the Board to continually improve our water saving programs. Investment and innovation will reduce District water losses and support efficient water use. Please tune in to our bimonthly Committee meeting.

Marin Independent Journal | September 4, 2022

Marin Voice: Rebuild MMWD’s vision to ensure future water supply

“The district must move past the mindset of just “treading water” to create a water resilience action plan that will inspire and support their constituents for the next 100 years and beyond.”

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